Art and Literature

Reporting and pictures from BBC: The Notes Against The Ban concert at ICCNC

ICCNC: 25th march an event was held at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California. ...

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ICCNC Ramadan 2017(1438 AH)Programs

ICCNC: Ramadan 2017 (1438 AH), most likely, will start on Saturday, May 27, 2017, and ...

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ICCNC’s Board Members Met with California Assemblyman Rob Bonta

ICCNC: On Thursday, May 4, 2017, representatives of #ICCNC’s Board of Directors, Ali Sheikholeslami and Payman ...

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Time Table for Ramadan 2017

ICCNC:  Time Table Ramadan 1438 AH-May/Jun 2017 at san Francisco/East bay: More Information: ICCNC Ramadan 2017(1438 ...

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Religion and Contemporary Issues

Islam in America

Exegesis and reflection on Du’a Makarem Al-Akhlaq at ICCNC

ICCNC: Exegesis and reflection on Du’a Makarem Al-Akhlaq Join us for a five-session exegesis and reflection ...

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 Lecture by Dr. Ahmad Sheikhbahai “Promises of Social Justice” at ICCNC

ICCNC: Dr. Ahmad Sheikhbahai  Will have a Speech About “Promises of Social Justice” at ICCNC. ICCNC ...

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Sumbul Ali-Karamali at ICCNC:Islamophobia for Fun and Profit

ICCNC:  Sumbul Ali-Karamali is an American Muslim author,  that talks about “Islamophobia for Fun and Profit: Why We ...

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Korematsu legacy inspires anti-profiling strategies

ICCNC: Last Sunday an event was held in Albany.We have republished their article on the ...

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