Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) is an independent, non-profit, community based organization. ICCNC provides a dynamic space that cultivates an exchange of ideas about Islam through art, culture, and education programs.


– Our mission is to celebrate Islam through art, culture, and education.


– Our vision is to achieve a more compassionate and just society by giving a contemporary voice to diverse perspectives of Islam.


  • ICCNC promotes the core values of social responsibility, conscientiousness and spirituality.
  • ICCNC provides a welcoming environment for all Muslims and members of other communities to learn about Islam.
  • ICCNC follows the Ja’fari School of Islamic thought.
  • ICCNC believes in a compassionate and inclusive interpretation of Islam and respects various Islamic schools of thought.
  • ICCNC presents Islam in contemporary language that honors Islamic tradition.
  • Based on Islamic teachings, ICCNC believes that all human beings are created equal and have inalienable human rights.