ICCNC’s Board Members Met with California Assemblyman Rob Bonta

ICCNC: On Thursday, May 4, 2017, representatives of #ICCNC’s Board of Directors, Ali Sheikholeslami and Payman Amiri met with California #Assemblyman Rob Bonta, Democrat, representing District 18 (Oakland and Alameda). Board members gave an oral presentation on the history, present activities, goal, mission and vision of the center. They emphasized that ICCNC is an inclusive progressive ...
By : ICCNC | May 9, 2017

The Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California: Sleeping Bag Distribution

ICCNC: “Another Look”, a website that provides empowering photography and engaging written content for community organization and nonprofits, has published a report about “The Project of Islamic Groups’ Sleeping Bags for Californian Homeless” in ICCNC. Following this Report: The Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California is a community organization in Oakland, California whose primary mission is creating a ...
By : ICCNC | Jan 30, 2017

The Project of Islamic Groups’ Sleeping Bags for Californian Homeless

ICCNC: Every year and with the arrival of winter the crisis of homeless people in California resonates long.  The state of California is one of the major regions in the U.S., which encounters numerous homeless.  Especially in the winter, these people need basic facilities to protect themselves from the cold. For example, last winter four ...
By : ICCNC | Jan 10, 2017

17 New California laws you Should now in 2017: Focus on Public Safety

  ICCNC: With the start of the New Year, the California Highway Patrol is keeping a close eye on what you’re doing behind the wheel -– making sure no one handles a cellphone while driving.  “The new law basically says, ‘one tap, one swipe,’” CHP Officer Nathan Ashby explained. Starting Sunday, cellphones must be mounted ...
By : ICCNC | Jan 1, 2017

Homeless Population in U.S. Drops Overall, but Rises in California

ICCNC: Homelessness in the U.S. declined in 2016 by nearly 3% from the previous year, new federal data shows, though some states, including California, Washington, Colorado, and Oklahoma, as well as the District of Columbia, bucked that trend with notable increases. The nationwide homeless population was 549,928, compared with 564,708 in 2015, according to the ...
By : ICCNC | Dec 24, 2016

California Lawmakers Approve $2 Billion Plan to Help the Homeless

ICCNC: California lawmakers and Los Angeles officials advanced new measures to address the state’s large homeless population this week, including a $2 billion statewide plan passed Thursday to build more housing for homeless people who are mentally ill. Street encampments and public safety fears surrounding people experiencing homelessness have become top political issues in urban centers up and down ...
By : ICCNC | Nov 24, 2016

How a Small Group Can do The Best Work

ICCNC: The 19th of May 2016 was for Iranian people a good day, especially those who live in California. Several months of effort went into the success at the end of the day. Teachers, students and others from Iranian communities proved to California Department of Education that  the Persian Gulf should not be called the ...
By : Majid | Nov 16, 2016